Many moons ago two young idiots thought it would be a good idea to get together to brew a nice stout on the market for Christmas. Something big-ish, lots of oats, maybe some coffee, definitely some smoke in there too. We didn’t realise it but it would be the start of both of us stepping out of our kitchen homebrews and into the world of professional brewing.

One of those idiots was me, the other Declan Nixon, the brewing brains behind Wexford’s finest – Yellowbelly.

Starting with a tiny brewpub kit in their family pub, Simon and Nicky Lambert took the wise choice of hiring a young and at that stage nearly handsome Declan to brew the socks off the kit and make Wexford town a beer destination.

It worked. Early on their Citra Pale Ale was well and truly established as many people’s go-to beer, ourselves included, while they produced more and more interesting beers from all things Belgian, Sour and German focused too.

These days Yellowbelly are rightly many people’s go to pint or can all over the country but the team in Wexford never let up on new releases and pushing themselves to brew better and more interesting beer every time they mash in. We’re proud they’re our mates and we’re proud they’re coming to help us kick off our brewery with Fidelity in Dublin in less than two weeks.