We love Track. Meeting Stef and Sam in Spain over a year back set off a close relationship with the guys that meant they were one of our first invites to the festival when we decided to do it.

We love the beautiful New England beers they produce and we love getting our chops around a big lovely mug of their cask offerings too whenever we can. We like each other so much that when we got together to brew with Matt we went for a double header beer releaseof Hard On Me – a table beer, and Hard On You – a DIPA.

Both were some of our favourite beers we’ve produced in general and it’s down to the quality and hard work of that the crew do there. We’ve had the pleasure of bringing some of these to Ireland last year and we’re more than proud to be bringing Track’s beers back to Ireland along with the crew in tow this month for the mammoth session that will be.