TO Øl (DK)

If we could be any brewery, we’d be To Øl. This will be To Øl’s first festival outing in Ireland and it’s a long time coming. These original gypsy brewers from Denmark were one of our earliest influences in beer from their approach to pushing the flavour profiles of beer styles to their achingly beautiful and modern artwork on their bottles and cans.

They’ve been heroes of ours in the brewery and of Sophie for a long time now and when we had the opportunity to brew with the crew at their brewpub BRUS in Copenhagen, we jumped at the opportunity.

In just May gone, we got together to make I Dare You: a Rauchwine. Both ourselves and To Øl have fully committed ourselves to the establishment of Rauchwine as a thing now and we may see an appearance of this smokey goodness in the Mansion House this July.

We’ve seen the beer list from these guys which we’ll be dropping soon. You should be excited. We are.