It seems like so long ago now with all the progress we’ve all made that Cathal, Emma and myself used to all frequent the same homebrew clubs and meets, showing off our beers and competing for medals and trophies with kitchen perfected, bottle conditioned masterpieces only 6 years ago. We’ve been friends since before we had or worked in breweries and have remained so for all that time. Rascals have been, since they began, a huge part of Dublin craft brewing culture and one of the first real homebrewers-taking-it-pro for the absolute love of it in the Irish beer industry. They took the step without big cash reserves, bought a well worn second hand kit and brought those beautiful brews we all believed in to the an Irish public who were still trying to figure out what this independent beer buzz was all about. They won those folks over and Irish beer is all the better for it.Many years and great beers on - Rascals has grown to a bigger family with a new beautiful brewery in Inchicore complete with taproom, whopper pizzas and some of the best hospitality in the Irish industry. They’ve also been a huge support to us providing us with their amazing piloting facility and knowledgable staff over the year too. Their beers have become go-to beers for Irish drinkers with good reason, focusing on great, clean hoppy pales and stouts along with some flair and panache for barrel aged saisons and big fruit bomb kettle sours. We’re proud to have our Irish comrades come help us open our brewery this year and pour at Fidelity and we’re looking forward to what the team are going to bring for beers this year.