Yorkshire legends North Brewing Co. are coming to join us this July and anyone who’s had their beers will be pretty excited at the prospect of that.

Having begun with the serious accolade of opening “the first craft beer bar in Britain” all the way back in 1997, John and Christian took things a step further in 2015 by going and opening their brewery and have become one of the leaders of the New England charge in the UK with their beautifully balanced hop bombs along with their impeccable sours, stout and our personal go to Kölsch - Herzog.

We’ve been close with North for a good while now, often being festival buddies and the first lined up to their bar opening whenever we get to Leeds and have long been getting ready for a collab which we’ve penned for our new facility here in Dublin as soon as this crazy thing is making beer.

We’re proud to welcome the North crew to Dublin this year for what hopefully won’t be their last visit but their first Irish festival is certainly an occasion worth celebrating