Mikkeller have always been a huge inspiration to us at Whiplash. In a time when many looked to the USA for inspiration in West Coast IPA’s and craft beer culture a European homebrewer came along and broke the wheel delivering luscious Stouts, Belgian inspired modern beers as well as delivering any amount of beautiful hop driven Pales and IPA’s you could have craved too. They showed us that labelling could be leftfield and personal, choosing to use bottles and cans as an art space and looking at beer as ephemeral living things that can be a one-off special and beautiful. We’ve always made it our beer holiday every year since it kicked off to attend the Copenhagen Beer Celebration (now MBCC) and it’s been the most formative experiences for us as brewers to try beers from the best curated list of brewers every year. It’s incredible to us that when we asked our pals at Mikkeller if they’d attend our own launch that they were back within a few minutes with a resounding yes. With their gipsy brewed beers along with their breweries in Copenhagen (Warpigs), Mikkeller San Diego and Mikkeller NYC we’re extremely excited to see what Mikkeller brings to Fidelity this year.