It’s pretty special to get your hands on some Jackie O’s beer. It’s even more special to get some of their special barrel aged bombs. It’s out of this world for Jackie O’s to hold and specially select kegs of said beer, mark them for delivery to Ireland, send them to us by air freight to Ireland, hop on a plane to Dublin, cross the bleedin’ Atlantic Ocean, walk into the Mansion House and pour that goddam beer for you themselves and blow the doors off the sesh!!

Jackie O’s are the masters of everything they touch and are outright legendary producers of barrel aged barleywines, imperial stouts and wild brews.

The Ohio legends started back in 2005 turning their Irish Pub into a brewery that’s reached legendary status with beer geeks and sessioners alike.

We’ve been close with Art and crew for years now and have always been hoping he’d come to Ireland some day to party with us and we’ve finally made it happen.

It’s a proud day that we’re able to welcome Jackie O’s to Ireland for their first ever outing on these shores and we know they’ll bring the party with them.