Back last year our pal Joe at Garage asked if we’d be willing to come visit them in Spain and brew some beers together. We were only delighted to come brew some beer with Joe and meet some new friends, a weekend in Barca is always a plus too. We arrived the night before and asked what time we were kicking off in the morning, Joe then let us know it was the same date, but the following month. A friendship was born that would last the ages. Pulling strings and jumping into action the team at Garage done a tap takeover at a day’s notice. We had a roaring night of bonding over the mistake, hugged and kissed the whole team and as we say these days, we’re basically married now. It’s hard to understate how much we love these people. They consistently bang out some of the best beer in Europe and have a team of our favourite and craziest people on earth. We’ve managed two collabs on their end with many more to come so expect their line of New England hop bangers, beautiful fruited sours poured from an incredible height and some of the best crafted Stouts we’ve had in many a year. 
These people are dangerous however and should be avoided at all costs.