In a land known for its traditions in the brewing world, it’s a joy to see the German brewing scene complimented by young fellas banging out some of the most audacious New England IPA’s in the world in amongst them. Founded by Lukasz Wiacek and

Georg Fuerst these fellow gypsy brewers have been using Berlin as their base for some time now while galavanting the world to session after session showing off their hoppy wares. We’d feel left out if we didn’t bring our pals to Dublin to belt out the hoppy offerings with us in the Mansion House.

Being long on the cards we got together with the Lukasz, Georg and resident wild man Sam to brew our collab IPA ‘Dive’ only months ago, taking two days to really dial it in and enjoying every second of the beautiful brewhouse they use in Berlin City.

We’re excited as to what the crew will bring and look forward to their new brewhouse in the works too, because their beers rock and we’re somewhat partial to the session in Berlin. Put on your drinking shoes, shine your head and get your glass ready because Fuerst Wiacek are coming to town to pour for their first ever time in Ireland and that’s pretty great.