London legends Five Points are fantastic examples of what we mean by a Brewer’s Brewery. We had to go all the way to Washington to meet Head Brewer and all round beer gaffer Greg many moons ago and instantly fell in love with the man. Having already tried and loved their beers like their Railway Porter and the indulgent Old Greg’s Barleywine beforehand it’s always a pleasure when the brewer turns out to be an absolute gent and kindred spirit when it comes to beer appreciation for all things beer. Surrounded by fields of Citra and Mosaic we always found conversation around all things Mild, Brown and cask too, taking a vow to get our act together and make a lager together as soon as we get this Whiplash kit up and running. When we contacted Five Points asking if they’d join us for the knees up this year it was a resounding yes along with plenty of much needed help to which we’re eternally grateful to our friends. They’re rocking in with bretted porter, sour and their hop forward pales and we’re excited. The kit’s nearly here so us as well as their Irish fans are delighted that the Five Points crew are taking the trip to come party with us in the Mansion House this week.