Since we kicked off we’ve had the good fortune of friends bringing us beers back from the States. We’ve also had the good fortune of having said beer in the States on occasion too. What always stands out is Barrier’s stuff, and let’s not beat around the bush here – these lunatics are here to bring you New England hop bangers straight from the source.

In what was once a fabled trend that people said could never work – the Nano Brewery (a kit under around 400L) was said to be a brewery model that wasn’t possible to succeed. They hadn’t planned on Barrier rocking their beer to world quality standards on a kit just over 100L back in 2009.

Based out in Oceanside, New York – the crew build their reputation through their beers and brewed over 600 times a year before upgrading their brewhouse twice now with a Hurricane in the middle of all that strife.

We were already fans of Barrier’s stuff from many a can brought to the brewery and having the pleasure of doing a joined tap takeover together in Spain this year a deep and terrifying bond was formed having possibly met our match for the sesh.

We’ve threatened each other with visits and brews but it seems Barrier will draw first blood by bringing the party to Dublin first to help us open our very own tiny brewery and knock the socks off anyone who’s yet to try their mind-melting IPA’s this week.

We’re proud to welcome Bobby and Barrier brewery to Ireland for their first ever outing at Fidelity this year.